Roberto Santiago  Smart Brazilian Entrepreneur with Futuristic Vision

Roberto Santiago has established himself as a business leader, entrepreneur, and a real estate tycoon in Brazil. He currently owns and manages two of the largest shopping malls in Brazil, namely Mangabeira Shopping Mall and Manaira Shopping Mall. The Manaira Shopping Mall was developed after the Mangabeira Shopping Mall and is much larger in size as well as the features it has. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is located in the city of Joao Pessoa, where Roberto Santiago was born. He was active in the manufacturing and packaging business before he shifted his focus to real estate and construction. The success of the first mall that he developed made him interested in the real estate, and it is that success that he continued with the development of Manaira Shopping Mall that was opened for public in the year 1986.


After the launch of the Manaira Shopping Mall, it continued to go through many changes over the years. Roberto Santiago only wanted the best for the mall and wanted to make sure that there are no compromises in the construction of the mall and that it has some of the best facilities and features that the people of Brazil has ever seen. It is the largest mall in the North Eastern region of Brazil and amongst the top ten shopping malls in the country. In the state of Paraiba, Manaira Shopping Mall ranks as the largest. The people of Joao Pessoa has found a new destination to enjoy and relax with Manaira Shopping Mall as it has a lot of entertainment activities to indulge in, starting from game room to kids’ zone and from pubs and restaurants to movie theatres. There are also some of the most renowned international fashion brands that have their flagship stores in the city in the mall.


Thus, the people of Joao Pessoa don’t have to go abroad or wait to go to the capital to enjoy luxury and premium shopping experience. It can be achieved in their city itself at the Manaira Shopping Mall. The movie theatre at the Roberto Santiago mall is amongst the best attractions at the mall, and 3 out of the entire eight screens in the mall have the latest 3D Technology that ensures the action and the 3D loaded films can be seen with immersive 3D experience. The moviegoers can also enjoy a wide range of variety of affordable snacks and beverages that help in enhancing the movie watching experience.


Roberto Santiago is continuously planning to bring something new to the mall to ensure it always has something new and refreshing for the people of the city of Joao Pessoa. The Domus Hall, a large conference room, at the terrace of the mall often holds events, concerts, and seminars.


Get Inspired by Paul Mampilly’s Life Journey.

Paul Mampilly is one among the few investment legends worldwide. He was born and partially raised by his parents in Bombay, India. His father at that time was undergoing financial struggles since he never got the privilege to obtain a good education. These life tussles continued for a while until he felt that he could take no more of them. What followed was a callous decision to relocate his family to Dubai in a quest for a better life.

Once in Dubai, life drastically changed for the better. Dubai had in a short period unveiled oil mining and so the economy there was booming. This favored the family in a way that Paul and his sister got the luck to pursue their advanced education, a thing that no member of their family could have ever imagined. Paul Mampilly obtained his undergraduate in Business Administration from the Montclair State University but never stopped learning. He continued to advance to master the same discipline at the Fordham Gabelli School of Business. Visit the website to learn more.

However, as he was doing his masters, Mampilly started working as an assistant portfolio manager for the Wall Street. He was later promoted to a portfolio manager, a position that he worked for a while before moving to Deutsche Bank as a research assistant. While at Deutsche Bank, Paul’s investment analytical skills expanded swiftly. He later transitioned to ING as s senior research analyst where he became responsible for millions of dollars-worth investment portfolios.

After a prolonged working experience at ING, Paul Mampilly was then recruited to manage a hedge fund for the Kinetics Asset Management. Under his management, the fund sharply grew to over $25 billion in managed assets and also gaining a supernormal yield of a whopping 43%. This saw Mampilly’s fund named by Barron’s magazine as the “world’s best.”

In spite of all the industry achievements that Paul Mampilly made, he was still not satisfied with his contribution to the society. He felt that his expertise and extensive knowledge only got to benefit a few well-off investors instead of reaching the majority of common Americans who required the investment information to accumulate their wealth. This made him resign from being a portfolio manager to become a senior editor for Banyan Hill Publishing.

At Banyan, Paul Mampilly writes and dispenses investment information in the form of newsletters and other insight. He now feels that his work is more beneficial since it can be accessed by more people. He is also a happier man since he is also able to spend more time with his family.



Care, Concern, And Skill: Sussex Healthcare

With the ever-increasing number of the elderly being entered into a health care centres the world over, there is an ever-present need for care, concern coupled with skill while providing support services. allow me to describe such a healthcare facility that is making a new standard of excellence in the world of care and support, welcome to Sussex Healthcare.

Of all the health care centres in the world, it is imperative to discuss such a health care centre that is changing the way quality service and Care is being provided today with the head office on Tylden House, Dorking Road Warnham, Nr Horsham, West Sussex RH12 3RZ. This is where Sussex Healthcare can be found. At this wonderful Institution are services provided for older people but not just exclusively for older people as younger people with disability issues are being treated as well. What state of the art institutions, hot tubs and pools to Aid and assist the recovery process Sussex Healthcare are providing top-notch service and quality training for patients on the road to recovery. Be it noted that Sussex also provides dementia care, neurological care, and PMLD care. One would have to say these are some modest standards of excellence. A brief background of the certifications and qualifications would do justice to the increasing popularity of this first class Institution. In 2002 Sussex Healthcare became accredited by the Health Quality Service a few years thereafter in 2005 the group achieved International Standard ISO 9000:2000 which covers Quality Management Systems. With this achievement, Sussex became the only independent provider in the United Kingdom to have a dual accreditation for Health Quality Service and ISO 9000:2000.

Sussex Healthcare has recognized that choosing a home for the elderly is not just an easy decision to be made with the quickest decision in mind. This is why their health care centres are housed with state-of-the-art technology, a rich environment, and the presence of Residential Care. So says Healthcare understands the complex needs of each individual patient and have dedicated their facilities, their faculty, and their finances to the patients under their watch.

In conclusion, within an environment that speaks of being more than just a home the loved ones who allow Sussex Health Care to provide elderly services for their family members can rest assured that they have made the best choice. Sussex Healthcare has become the standard of Excellence in the world of healthcare.

Learn more about Sussex Healthcare:

Drew Madden On The Strategies For CVS And Amazon In Healthcare

Drew Madden is the kind of person you want to hear from when it comes to the healthcare industry. As a long time professional in healthcare information technology, he knows a thing or two about how different developments in the world of healthcare usually play out. Fortunately for all of us, he is not afraid to share his insights as well. Today, we are looking at how CVS and Amazon are taking different approaches to taking over as much market share in the healthcare sector as they possibly can.


This company probably only felt the need to get super defensive as of late. They have always had heavy competition from the likes of Walgreens and Rite-Aid, but lately they had been winning those battles. Then Amazon had to come in and ruin things for them. Now, they have reset and want to be there for customers from the moment they purchase their healthcare insurance until the moment they fill their prescription.

CVS made a gigantic business move when they purchased healthcare insurance company Aetna. It was a massive deal that had to be approved by regulators, and it was. Now CVS can more fully control the entire lifecycle so to speak of a customer from when they first get their insurance to when they purchase their prescription after a visit to the doctor.


This is a different character altogether. They are just starting to perhaps dip a foot into the healthcare arena. Amazon has dominated nearly every business that it has ever gone into, but this would still be a new venture for them if they decide to go for it. Lately, Amazon has applied for licenses to sell pharmaceuticals over the Internet. If they choose to do so, they could almost instantly become a major player in those markets.

They have the opportunity to disrupt an entire industry, but the players who have been there since the very beginning are not going to go down without a fight. They are preparing themselves for this already, and Amazon may have shown some of its hand here prematurely.

Facts about Matt Badiali Freedom Checks

There is an introduction to ‘freedom checks’ as it appears from the ad that shows Matt Badiali holding a huge check of $114, 287. The ad contributed to lots of claims from the viewers since they could not be able to comprehend the possibility of one getting such amount. So that people can be able to understand all that it entails in the Freedom check Matt Badiali explains so that people can be enlightened. Visit the website to learn more.

Mr. Badiali is a great analyst on financial issues despite him having geology background. He earned his degree in Earth Science from Penn State University and later received Master of Science in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Through his career, he had an opportunity to travel and explore the world since he has traveled a lot. Therefore, Mr. Badiali is well versed with investment and explaining about Freedom Check is entirely genuine.

It is imperative that people to get to know that freedom check is not similar to other ‘checks’ that are known since it is a form of investment. Therefore, it is significant that freedom check is not a scam but a way of investing. As an example, Mr. Badiali invested in the stock market and purchased a lot at a price of $0.06 in 2008 and sold them at the cost of $2.64 on 2010 which indicates it was a profit to him.

Based on the ad that contained check of $114,287, it is all about the available opportunities that are there in the future for the investors. It shows that the investment market is full of opportunities and the deal is reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, it is an urge for the investors that want to reap huge cash in the future to make lots of repeated investments, and that will assure them of getting the best amount in the future.

As an investor that is passionate towards investments, it is vital to grab the opportunity that is available and having the knowledge of the economy in the market the better so that you can know the area to make your investment. From the experience and expertise that Mr. Matt Badiali has as a financial analyst has offered numerous of advisory services concerning the investment from the ‘freedom check’ so that people can know the benefits of investments. Matt Badiali promotes the ‘master Limited Partnerships’ (MLP). Therefore, it is important that you comprehend how the MLP works since that will lay a good foundation to get the ‘freedom checks’ and enjoy benefits of investing. Visit:


Dick DeVos – Article Recap

Dick DeVos has recently joined the ranks in Washington DC. He becomes the 13th member of the Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration. Along with transportation policymakers and aviation business leaders, DeVos joins as one of the seasoned business leaders who has helped the airline industry by working with the Gerald R. Ford airport.


In the late 1990s, the airline industry was suffering. A series of poor standards and expensive prices led to a bottleneck that nearly crushed the industry. Gerald R. Ford International Airport out of Grand Rapids had been one of the airports in slow decline. However, Dick DeVos saw an opportunity to change the airport’s fate and breathe life into the old airport.


For many years, DeVos worked with business leaders around Grand Rapids, even before he became the President of Amway. He saw that business leaders were struggling to bring in new business to Grand Rapids. While there were a lot of businesses that were still making it in downtown, others were looking for ways to bring people back to the city center and grow the businesses in the central district.


There were plans in the early 1990s to bring a mega sports center and convention center to Grand Rapids. However, the plans placed the sites away from downtown. DeVos was one of the people against this course of action, mainly because he wanted to see businesses being built up around the central business district. He formed Grand Action with fellow business leaders to support new sites that would attract people to the growing downtown business area.


However, his real plan was to look at the airport and create opportunities for airlines as well as the Gerald R. Ford airport itself. He made a phone call to Air Tran Airways in the early 2000s and asked about how the airport could get more terminals and flights for the airline. Air Tran Airways eventually agreed to open up new flights to Denver, Vegas, Orlando, and St. Louis. DeVos saw the opportunity to great a business travel destination out of Grand Rapids, as it was already servicing Canadian and Northwest business travelers.


Eventually that led to Southwest taking over Air Tran Airways. DeVos noted that many of the airport terminals were being shut down from the old Air Tran Airways, and he again spoke to the CEO of the company to persuade Southwest to keep the terminals open so that the airport could show its worth.


Many years later, the terminals are still open and have been added on since that phone call. There has also been a $45 million renovation project for the airport that has added a business center, new food court, technological upgrades, and upgraded terminals as well.


DeVos joins the FAA council to help advise on what the airline industry can do next to solve some of its biggest worries.


Read to learn more.

Jeremy Goldstein Offers His Advice Again

One voice people hear a lot in the corporate word belongs to Jeremy Goldstein. Currently, his voice is talking about employee benefits. Nearly all of his clients come to him to talk about what compensation method they should use in today’s trend-based corporate world.

Despite all his hard work, Jeremy Goldstein isn’t just a voice of reason. He also dedicates a lot of his time to giving back to the community. Most of his work is with Fountain House, an organization that’s dedicated to helping patients with mental illness recover. When he’s working with Fountain House, he’s working with the local MakeA-Wish chapter.

His commitment to charity is the same energy he brings to work with compensation committees, CEOs, management teams, and corporations. He’s the foremost expert on matters concerning executive compensation and corporate governance, and his law firm works with clients on matters of transformative corporate events and susceptible situations.

More to the point, no one’s more trusted to talk about employee benefits. Lately, the corporate world adopted a new trend: eliminating stock options and offering other types of benefits. This is something Jeremy Goldstein is passionately against on the grand scan of things.

He’s not suggesting that everyone company offer stock options or even employee benefits. His point is that not every corporation should stop providing stock options just because other methods are easier. In some cases, other methods aren’t easier; they just seem easier at the moment.

One thing Goldstein warns against is switching to equities. There’s nothing wrong with equities; it’s just recent IRS rule changes may make offering equities a lot harder than providing traditional stock options. As for things like higher salaries and better insurance coverage, they’re difficult to understand when trying to find an employee’s equal value.

His solution to this concern is simple: continue providing stock options by choosing the right strategy. Not all stock options are same, and some have more advantages than others. His advice is to use “knockout” options if the company wants to continue offering stock options; it’s their choice.

Knockout options allow companies to cancel an option if the value drops too low and stays low. Other options can be canceled at any time and places non-employee investing at risk of overhang. By preventing people from making rash decisions based on value drops that only last a few hours or a day. Learn more:

Enhanced Athlete’s victory in court

Enhanced Athlete (EA), private limited company, and registered in England and Wales. Two Sacramento men founded the company; Charles Hughes Anthony as the owner and Mr Scott Cavell Edward as the Chief Operations Officer based in the USA. The company director Mr Shaun Corrigan is based in the United Kingdom among the many others directors from various regions. Enhanced Athlete coaching was mainly developed to make people achieve their desired look regarding their body size. The coaching department had plans that were designed by Tony Hughes and enhanced coaching staff. Enhanced gear, an online marketing site for the EA company that promotes the companies. It deals with products like performance joggers, snapbacks stringers and hoodies. The status of the company is reliable concerning its products. EA sister companies include Maximum Human Performance (1997), Universal Nutrition (1982), Nutrex Research (2002), Gaspari Nutrition (1997) and Prosource Performance Products (1996).


Enhanced Athlete, a company, dealing with robustness and bodybuilding vitamins and herbal extract added to improve muscular development. The company has persuaded the United States District Court in California to forgo the ruling in the deceptive marketing case brought up by the Nutrition Distribution. The Nutrition Distribution company has filed so many complaints against its participants claiming that it is leading in the enhancement industry and the deceptive advertising undermines the distribution of their products by its opponents


Enhanced Athlete says that the Nutrition Distribution forces other competitors to pay some amount of cash to resolve the issue or pay more money when taken to court. Nutrition Distribution initially accused the EA of misleading advertisement hence its decrease in sales. EA says that the plaintiff cannot provide any evidence showing any relationship between the misleading advertisement and the claimed lost sales. The court rules in favor of the defendant saying that surely there is no connection between the reduction in sales and the false advertisement from the competitors of the Nutrition Distribution. Scott Cavell, CEO of EA support the fact that EA does not undermine the Nutrition Distribution company on its advertisement.


In November, Cavell released a press notification saying that EA had claimed victory in court when the judge disagreed to Nutrition Distribution’s proposal on the order of EA’s sale of dinitrophenol (DNP) which was declared to be banned and dangerous. Phoenix-based Nutrition Distribution LLC charged EA with deceptive advertising, marketing and selling of DNP.

Jed McCaleb Reveals his Thoughts on the Future of Blockchain Banking

Stellar was founded in 2014 by Joyce Kim and Jed McCaleb with one goal in mind: to correct the financial industry. Stellar is a blockchain company that focuses on the banking industry; Stellar is working with financial organizations to lower the cost of banking.


Now their CTO and co-founder is making a very bold prediction. Jed McCaleb believes that the relationship between blockchain and the financial world will soon be much stronger, possibly even completely coexistent.


“In the future I think it’s pretty clear to me there will be a universal payments network that will operate,” McCaleb said. The knowledge he has gained from his career in the tech world puts some validity behind his prediction.


McCaleb is the creator of the world’s first bitcoin exchange, so he was relatively quick to hop on the crypto-craze. When McCaleb lends his knowledge to a project, it always comes out for the better.


Another example of his expertise being put to good use was eDonkey, one of the pioneers of peer to peer file sharing.


These examples of McCaleb knowing precisely how the tech world would unfold make his opinion vital to the cryptocurrency community.


About Stellar

Stellar uses the latest blockchain technology to assist banks with their transactions. Stellar enables banks and other financial organizations, such as charities with the possibility of conducting much cheaper transactions than previously. The savings is passed onto the customer; Stellar enables people who previously could not afford financial services to use them. Stellar is working all over the world but primarily focuses on the undeveloped and developing worlds. Stellar has already made much improvements to areas in the South Pacific. Thanks to Stellar, citizens have access to goods and services that may not have been available in their country before.


About Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb has worked on a wide variety of projects in the tech world.


As previously mentioned he created Mt. Gox and eDonkey, but he has also been involved in many more organizations. He has worked in the media production industry, the video game industry, filesharing efforts, but his work in the cryptocurrency industry has gained him respect that no other project could.

AvaTrade has Established a Trustworthy Reputation within the Online Trading Industry

AvaTrade has established a trustworthy reputation within the online trading industry with over a decade of successful trading as a reputable broker. AvaTrade was established in 2006 in Ireland and currently is operating in offices in over 11 countries around the world by offering trading opportunities in various asset classes including cryptocurrencies. AvaTrade investors are utilizing trading platforms over the web, desktop, mobile devices, by offering spot forex and forex options and CFDs. The company has established itself as a legitimate broker for seasoned investors and also beginners by providing platforms that are easy to use and provide safe regulated environments for stock related investing.

In fact, in 2009 AvaTrade received awards for the Best Customer Support, The Best Financial Derivative Trading Provider, and Best Alert System. Also in 2016, they were awarded The Best Forex Broker for that year. Building upon an established track record of trust and reliability AvaTrade is establishing the reputation as a premier online trading platform for experienced and novice traders. Furthermore, by providing multiple platforms for trading online AvaTrade has established itself as a leader in the industry by providing clients with platform options in order for them to conveniently invest in various asset classes.

They also provide extremely user-friendly platforms to invest in cryptocurrency assets. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have been popular in the news over the recent months and has provided profitable returns on investment for investors over the last quarter. The volatility of the stock has made headlines as a stock has shifted to great highs and just as quick sharp lows, AvaTrade provided the opportunity for investors to take advantage of some of the increases in the volatile cryptocurrency stocks over the last few quarters. Establishing a reputation as a trustworthy reliable broker for investors, AvaTrade is leaving an indelible imprint on the industry of online trading that will provide a foundation for leadership in that area for years to come.