Todd Levine: Master of Litigation

Todd Levine, of the founding members of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L has assisted in providing legal expertise in complex business disputes. His knowledge and experience expand from all spectrums of the real estate including from buyers, sellers and onto real estate brokers. Todd Levine academic career would take him from earning his degree from the University of Florida in 1988 with a Bachelors in Finance and onto Florida Levin College of Law.


Todd Levine is not your typical attorney, he is also a musician and artist outside his practice, however, many attributes his success to his creative hobby. Clients point out that the combination of his analytical skills and creativity have no doubt made him one of the best attorneys in the state. Recently, Levine was awarded the Best Lawyer Award for Real Estate Litigation by US News and World report this year.


In a sit-down interview, Levine was asked how the concept of his company came to fruition. He stated that his ability to simplify complex litigation encouraged him to tackle the world of complex commercial litigation. His tactic here was to refrain his client’s arguments into simple terms where both the judge and jury would fully understand his intentions. Preparation is key for Levine, his litigations are prepared by an outline that he creates and encourages younger lawyers to practice this as he regrets not taking advantage of careful outcome planning when he was starting out.


This mindset crosses over to how he runs his daily life, Levine comments that his days are always utilized for productivity by keeping things simple. Creating a to-do list is a must for Levine as it ensures that all his clients receive the best possible customer service from their attorney. Finally, Levine shares one of his reading recommendations with us, “The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand” which explains the difference between individualism and collectivism, a must for out the box thinking during for litigation success.

Aloha Construction And Its CEO David Farbaky

Aloha Construction is a family-owned roofing company that serves Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The company’s Bloomington offices serve its customers in Champaign, McClean, Peoria, Tazewell, and Washington. Its team has completed more than 18,000 local projects. The company went from a small construction firm to general contractor with achievements and industry certifications. It specializes in commercial and residential roof installation, home repair, roofing inspection services, seamless gutters, siding repair services, storm damage repair, and wind damage repair. Aloha Construction has been in business for 84 years and is fully bonded, insured, and licensed. It offers a ten-year Craftmanship Warranty.

Aloha Construction’s team uses a nine step inspection process to identify issues with a roof’s reliability. They identify problems and opportunities, determine objectives, inventory resources, analyze resource data, formulate alternatives, make decisions, implement the plan, and evaluate the plan. Aloha’s contractors can improve a house’s appearance by giving it character. They can even help lower heating and cooling bills. They channel water away from the home to prevent wet basements, ground erosion, mildew problems, and damage to the concrete.

David A. Farbaky is Aloha Construction Company’s President and CEO. He is proud of the firm’s new website, which helps homeowners quickly find an expert. He is looking forward to the company’s launch of an internal restoration service. The Dave Farbaky Foundation is partnering with Learning Express Toys to give four kids a 60-second shopping spree. He plans to have a DFF event every month. David also opened the Omni-Youth Center. The Better Business Bureau gave Aloha Construction an A+ rating. The company is recommended for its service, speed, and professionalism.