End Citizens United: Supporting The Right Candidates For The Benefit Of The People

People all over the country are beginning to realize the repercussions of choosing a government that doesn’t care for the benefit of the people. The 2016 election brought on a rather unfavorable climate, which led to a number of laws being created that were against the best interest of the people. Citizens all over America want to be heard and don’t want the future of the country to depend on people who are only working for their own personal gain and profits.

End Citizens United is an organization that was founded with the purpose of giving people all over America the government that they deserve, and one which would hear their views and opinions and works to their best interests. The organization was founded after the Supreme Court ruled that corporations would be allowed to participate in political activities and donate to political parties without having to disclose the amount to the common people. Even though the lawmakers have stated that this law was created with the intention of urging corporations to donate to help the people through the political parties, it took a turn that led to only corruption and devastation in the minds of the people according to ballotpedia.org. Leaders of these corporations were getting more power in their hands with regards to the government than ever before. The number of bribes that were being given to political parties started increasing. The Republican Party for one has used this to their favor and has no intention of overturning this ruling. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, sees this as something that is not beneficial for the people and the development of the country, and seeks to abolish it, but can only do so if they are in power.

End Citizens United has therefore been working to bring the Democratic Power into the position of governance so that they can work for the betterment of the people and contribute to a more positive society. The organization has come forward in support of several Democratic candidates like Paul Davis Jacky Rosen, Jon Tester, Dean Phillips, Jason Crow, Brendan Kelly and many more. The organization looks into each and every one of these candidates, looks into their history, the work that they have done and keep doing and the ideas that they stand for to see which candidates would be the best for the people.

Since the organization was first founded, several people have come forward in support of it because of all the ideals that it stands for. The organization hopes that with their efforts, the people will be able to choose the right candidates for positions within the government that can improve the workings of the country, safeguard their rights and not misuse their position.

See: https://votesmart.org/interest-group/2568/end-citizens-united