Learning at Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education began its operation in San Jose, California. Up until today, the school is still in development to improve its services to students and community at large. We purpose to invent newer ways to administer services to learners from low-income families. Our quality of education leaves students wanting to participate in the following session despite the opportunities to join other schools. Parents of school encourage others to introduce their kids to the institution. According to our research,a significant number of families recommended to us brought their children to the school.

According to the protocol and practices, no student gets tested according to their previous performance. Our primary role is to have the parents trust our capability to handle their kids life and have even more enrollments. At Rocketship Education, we encourage advanced technology for development strategies. However, we do not depend on the technological advancement solely. Thus, we understand students’ interest and the expectation of their family members and the community at large. We visit the students’ homes every year to assess the environment. We introduced the model of teaching at home that is overtaking teacher-students classroom mode to improve our services to the Rocketeers. The program works perfectly in improving the relationship between teachers and students’ families.

Rocketship Education promotes parent leadership programs. The programs use the families’ power to hold the political leaders accountable on the quality of learning in public schools and push for the fulfilling of their promises to the public regarding academic. At the institution, we allow students to interact through dancing, playing together, and having some free time. We use sophisticated recruitment procedures where we allow teachers who can set their mind according to our practices and protocols.

Regardless of the level of education, the educator should give proper feedback to fit in the model and practices of the school. The skills of the teachers alongside proper mindset provide the avenue for quality characters of the students, and they get ready for the outside world. Rocketship Education joins hands with numerous agencies to bring out success in academic, like the authorized school board, financing board, and public agencies.