Dr. David Samadi Takes Health Questions On His New Show

There is a growing need for medical news programming, given the current medical state in the United States. Americans are looking for honest answers to their healthcare questions, and a reliable and trusted leader needs to come to their aid. Dr. Samadi hopes to play that role with his new live broadcast. Dr. Samadi is not new to most people. He has made guest appearances on various news television programs, which made him gain international attention. Dr. Samadi then transferred his voice to the radio to host a local health program targeting New York residents, which made him more successful in the public eye. Viewers will now enjoy a live broadcast on Sunday sponsored by DR. Samadi. The live broadcast will be known as Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi. It will be a weekly show so viewers get the chance to ask health care questions and the doctor will answer them since he is an expert in the healthcare sector.

The live broadcast program will cover an array of topics related to the healthcare industry. The program will include the latest news in the medical sector, which will offer listeners a platform to learn about the issues and understand how they impact their lives. Besides, Dr. David will cover basic treatment tips in a bid to empower listeners to take better control of their health. The specific topics that the program will cover include exercise, food and diet, women’s health, and prostate health.

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Dr. Samadi is the host of this program though he will be featuring other medical professionals. That makes sure that listeners get to hear an array of voices to enhance their learning experience. It is a program that depends on a discussion-based format, which ensures that the host gets the most out of the guests and provides a natural flow of information. It also invites listeners and readers to join the conversation to make difficult health issues more approachable than in the past. The program is also interactive so viewers can call or email since it is a live broadcast. Dr. David is an expert in communication, and his medical experience makes him fit to host the show.

More About Dr. David

The youth of Dr. David was uncertain because he had to flee Iran, his home country because of the revolution taking place in the 1980s. He completed his schooling and managed to get an admission on a full scholarship to Stony Brook University. He then proceeded to medical school after completing his undergraduate degree. Dr. David Samadi took an interest in urology and later in cancer treatment after completing programs at Albert Einstein College. He works on Lenox Hill Hospital.

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