Jed McCaleb Reveals his Thoughts on the Future of Blockchain Banking

Stellar was founded in 2014 by Joyce Kim and Jed McCaleb with one goal in mind: to correct the financial industry. Stellar is a blockchain company that focuses on the banking industry; Stellar is working with financial organizations to lower the cost of banking.


Now their CTO and co-founder is making a very bold prediction. Jed McCaleb believes that the relationship between blockchain and the financial world will soon be much stronger, possibly even completely coexistent.


“In the future I think it’s pretty clear to me there will be a universal payments network that will operate,” McCaleb said. The knowledge he has gained from his career in the tech world puts some validity behind his prediction.


McCaleb is the creator of the world’s first bitcoin exchange, so he was relatively quick to hop on the crypto-craze. When McCaleb lends his knowledge to a project, it always comes out for the better.


Another example of his expertise being put to good use was eDonkey, one of the pioneers of peer to peer file sharing.


These examples of McCaleb knowing precisely how the tech world would unfold make his opinion vital to the cryptocurrency community.


About Stellar

Stellar uses the latest blockchain technology to assist banks with their transactions. Stellar enables banks and other financial organizations, such as charities with the possibility of conducting much cheaper transactions than previously. The savings is passed onto the customer; Stellar enables people who previously could not afford financial services to use them. Stellar is working all over the world but primarily focuses on the undeveloped and developing worlds. Stellar has already made much improvements to areas in the South Pacific. Thanks to Stellar, citizens have access to goods and services that may not have been available in their country before.


About Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb has worked on a wide variety of projects in the tech world.


As previously mentioned he created Mt. Gox and eDonkey, but he has also been involved in many more organizations. He has worked in the media production industry, the video game industry, filesharing efforts, but his work in the cryptocurrency industry has gained him respect that no other project could.

AvaTrade has Established a Trustworthy Reputation within the Online Trading Industry

AvaTrade has established a trustworthy reputation within the online trading industry with over a decade of successful trading as a reputable broker. AvaTrade was established in 2006 in Ireland and currently is operating in offices in over 11 countries around the world by offering trading opportunities in various asset classes including cryptocurrencies. AvaTrade investors are utilizing trading platforms over the web, desktop, mobile devices, by offering spot forex and forex options and CFDs. The company has established itself as a legitimate broker for seasoned investors and also beginners by providing platforms that are easy to use and provide safe regulated environments for stock related investing.

In fact, in 2009 AvaTrade received awards for the Best Customer Support, The Best Financial Derivative Trading Provider, and Best Alert System. Also in 2016, they were awarded The Best Forex Broker for that year. Building upon an established track record of trust and reliability AvaTrade is establishing the reputation as a premier online trading platform for experienced and novice traders. Furthermore, by providing multiple platforms for trading online AvaTrade has established itself as a leader in the industry by providing clients with platform options in order for them to conveniently invest in various asset classes.

They also provide extremely user-friendly platforms to invest in cryptocurrency assets. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have been popular in the news over the recent months and has provided profitable returns on investment for investors over the last quarter. The volatility of the stock has made headlines as a stock has shifted to great highs and just as quick sharp lows, AvaTrade provided the opportunity for investors to take advantage of some of the increases in the volatile cryptocurrency stocks over the last few quarters. Establishing a reputation as a trustworthy reliable broker for investors, AvaTrade is leaving an indelible imprint on the industry of online trading that will provide a foundation for leadership in that area for years to come.

Richard Blair, the Founder of Wealth Solutions Inc. and his success story

The prominence of Richard Blair is behind being the founder of Wealth Solutions. The base in which the firm is located in Texas, specifically Austin. A lot of advisory services are offered by the company concerning the inventory services. The primary objective of setting up the firm was to enhance the realization of adequate transformation regarding the standards of living not only by the individuals and families but also the small business owners.


Notably, he has continually been in closely linked with the sector of education. He has a lot of passion concerning the universe of education. The point of origin of the same is none other than the experience that he drew from executing teaching services directly. Additionally, it is wise terming him as a teacher not only professionally but also by blood. The explanation is that the higher number of his close relative were professional teachers. They include his grandmother, mother as well the wife. Such an encounter contributed a lot towards his realization concerning how teaching facilitates the expansion of knowledge in addition to one’s confidence.


Following the integration of expertise and the naturally given gift regarding finances, he had all the requirements to facilitate the investment of several persons as well as the establishment of their financial strategies. At his level, he started making investments related to financial services during his early years. He started it off shortly after his College graduation that happened in 1993. He aimed to enhance the provision of clients with the advice that is not only reliable but lacks the interest’s misunderstanding. This acted as the base-setter towards the setting up of the Wealth Solutions firm which happened after a year.


For a long time, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has efficiently utilized the skills and knowledge in planning for retirement. He kept his focus on assisting the clients as a way of minimizing the gap between retirements’ scheduling and living it. The enhancement of this is done the evasion of common barriers. It is of great help giving the potential recommendation regarding potential strategies.


The Wealth Solutions Inc. (WSI) is often known extensively for the advisory services that it offers. It is entirely registered alongside the provision of the financial plans that are not only initiated but also comprehensive. Such provision extends to several affluent individuals, entrepreneurs and families that have their base in Austin. Apart from his vast experience exceeding twenty-years, he is an adequately registered as a financial advisor. Learn more: