Graeme Holm: Changing the Financial Lives of Every Australian

Essential to entrepreneurial success, other than a great idea, is excellent customer service. Even a mediocre plan can succeed. Without customers spreading the word, “how this new business changed their lives,” you might as well go back to the day job.


Graeme Holm and his team at Infinity Group is changing the face of Australia. The firm is devoted to providing the highest level of customer involvement. Infinity won the 2018 Customer Experience Management Award, considered the “Overall Best Organization CX” in Australia.


The idea for Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, transform the Australian loan market. The pair set out to change the drudgery of the 30 year fixed mortgage. They understood what living paycheck to paycheck means.


Created by the Infinity Group, the idea of a financial coach. The concept is hand-holding the customer through the entire progression of the loan.


The Infinity plan is putting the customer’s household into a lockdown. A weekly budget is set up, all forms of income are deposited directly into a transaction account. No credit expenditures allowed. The plan is to reduce overall interest charges and stop purchases that throw off a budget. Holm says his clients are on track for paying off 30-year mortgages in a 7 to 10-year time frame.


Customers love the support they receive from Infinity Group. Stress disappears knowing their bills are getting paid, families are having fun again. Families also are reaching goals, that were thought to be unattainable.


Graeme Holm cites collaboration as a critical element in bringing his ideas to life. The companies collaboration efforts are finding better people with strong opinions. Employees are encouraged to share their thoughts and join forces with other industry professionals.


Holm’s sees his most significant hurdle, finding quality people with the same drive as his own. He advises other entrepreneurs to concentrate on their core objectives; talented employees will present themselves. He also says to anyone starting a business, offer something for free. The idea, if my free service is first-rate, my paid services are a lot better.


Entrepreneurs will usually forget more than they know about their own business. They are doing things fundamentally wrong, Holms believes.


Graeme Holm had a 17-year career in financial services. The entrepreneur spent a frustrating decade as an employee with major bankers. He was tired of pushing only one product. Holm and his partners, aim to fix the financial lives of every Australian.


Holm is a structured business owner, beginning each day precisely at five thirty. He tackles his most challenging piece of business the first thing. He believes it will propel the rest of the day to success.


As a business owner Graeme Holm says to everyone, people will come and go from your professional life. Stay true to the outcome, never let anything or anyone alter your journey. Learn more: