Fashion’s Rising Star: Fabletics by Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s brand Fabletics is growing at an amazing rate considering Amazon controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market. Fabletics stands apart because it relies on reverse showrooming to sell its products. You subscribe online and become a member, choose your first Fabletics product, and it is sent straight to your door. Fabletics is currently focusing on opening up physical locations all over the country, and the benefit of running a business model this way means that 30 to 50 percent of customers who come through the doors are already members, and another 20 to 25 percent come in as non-members and leave as members. The physical stores are stocked based on local member choices, social media input, and store heat mapping strategy. The projected growth rate for Fabletics is 35 percent a year, year in and year out. Since Amazon is such a huge competitor, you have to keep them in mind when you market a new business.


What is Fabletics?


Fabletics is a fashion brand centered around fitness gear. Fabletics offers two different member types, standard, and VIP. Standard members can sign up for free with just an email and shop at regular prices. VIP members are charged a monthly membership, but they get deals on apparel and free shipping. You are given the option to skip months, and your $49.95 a month membership fee can be used to purchase more Fabletics things as a credit. Fabletics is made from a high quality material, that will stretch to maximize your workout. The outfits fit very well, and the tank tops run a little long so you can pull them down if desired. The tops have a built-in bra for support and added comfort as well. They sell both low impact and high impact workout gear with the low impact gear being more everyday-wear friendly.


What Does Fabletics Sell?


Fabletics sells high-quality workout gear for the most part. They sell tank tops, leggings, and headbands. They also sell accessories like water bottles, yoga mats, gym bags, scarves, socks, and bags for your yoga mats.