Betsy DeVos Aims For Home Run With School Choice Initiative

The Secretary of Education is a position that is rarely talked about in households around the country. The truth is that despite the importance of the Department of Education, very few people care to be actively invested in the work that is going on there. The reason that people tune out the Secretary of Education is likely due to the fact that there haven’t been any reformers in the position for years and years. That all changed when President Trump nominated Betsy DeVos, a prominent Republican donor from Michigan, for the position.


Betsy DeVos had to go through a contentious Senate hearing that was filled with partisan attacks from both sides of the political aisle. At the end of the day, Betsy DeVos was confirmed due to a tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence. Now in office, Betsy DeVos is looking to live up to her reputation as a reformer by bringing change to public education in a way that hasn’t been seen in ages. People are finally getting their hopes up that a prominent conservative will be bringing change that can be believed in.


Public school problems are not a mystery in the United States of America. People can clearly see that the United State’s school system for public students is problematic at best and abysmal when you dig into the statistics. When you dig into the numbers, all of the federal funding being funneled into the school system isn’t really having the impact that it should. With that information on hand, it is clear to see why Betsy DeVos is looking to dramatically shift the government’s approach to supporting public schooling. How is DeVos going to depart from conventional practices? By embracing reform in the shape of educational choice.


Educational choice is a concept that has been championed by a prominent writer by the name of Milton Friedman, way back in the 1950s. Friedman argued from a conservative perspective, saying that parents should have more freedom and choice in relation to their child’s education and that the government should be kept at arm’s length in this area. Betsy DeVos fell in love with Friedman’s work while attending college and she has spent her entire adult life working to spread the message to people in every nook and cranny around the United States.


Educational choice as a new system will take existing federal funding and it will spread it to more than just public school facilities. That money that traditionally goes to propping up public schools will also be pushed into charter schools and religious institutions, thus giving some new life and energy to facilities that are ready and willing to take on more students. This kind of educational reform will also give parents everywhere more options when it comes to educating their children. With tax dollars supporting alternative educational opportunities, unique children with specific needs will have the opportunity to pursue a path that makes sense to them. This is the kind of education reform that we desperately need in America.


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