Guilherme Paulus builds a great tour company in Brazil

Guilherme Paulus started CVC Tour Company at the age of 24 years. The company was started in 1972 after Paulus met with a friend who was serving in the local government. His friend wanted to create a company that would boost tourism in the country. He wanted to build a tour company, but he needed someone to work with. Guilherme on his part was ready for the idea. He always had wanted to be a businessman and here was an opportunity for him to run a tour company. Since he was very young and had no money to support the project, they decided to divide the tasks between themselves. Carlos Vicente, his friend from the local government, would give the money needed to set up the business while Paulus would manage the day-to-day operations of the company. They agreed that they would work on the idea and make it as big as possible.

Guilherme Paulus quit his job at IBM and started building CVC. Four years into the business, his partner left the industry. He was left with all tasks to himself. He had to find ways of managing the business since his friend was the one offering capital support. Despite the challenge, he was not ready to quit. He knew that consistency would get him better results, he pressed on with the business, making changes where need be. By the turn of the new millennium, his business was the biggest tour company in Brazil. He had also established a new business that would support his tour business. He had created GJP Hotels and Resorts which would serve as the business that would provide tourists with accommodation.

Guilherme Paulus has registered some great results with the businesses he is running. CVC is now a publicly traded company with a revenue of about $5 billion every year. He sold part of the company to Carlyle Group. He sold a 63 percent stake in the company, in the process making about $423 million. Guilherme Paulus is now worth over $1 billion. He is a successful business leader who is ready to transform his life and those of very many Brazilians.

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