Jeff Yastine’s Insightful Advice to the Investors on How to Invest on Stocks

Jeff Yastine has been writing articles that can help a person who is interested in investing his money wisely. Most of his articles are insightful and full of knowledge about the stock market and another investment opportunity. The financial guru has recently written about the companies that may be merged or bought by other major companies. A survey conducted by Deloitte showed that most of the executives of private equity firms and big corporations are planning to use their cash reserves to purchase mergers and acquisitions.

In recent years, most executives were interested in organic investments. According to the survey, the interests of executives have changed, and they are now prioritizing the merger and acquisitions. Most of the executives have also said that they are expecting to have more significant transactions than the previous ones. Jeff Yastine has said that the best way to participate in this trend is to bid on individual stocks. Some of the companies that may be on the buyout include Nordstrom Inc. Biogen Inc. and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. Akamai Technologies Inc. may also be in the buyout. The stock of the company has increased by 14% since the talk of a buyout for it. Jeff Yastine is advising the investors to take advantage of these mergers and possible acquisitions since the value of such companies will increase. Follow Jeff Yastine at

For about 16 years, Jeff Yastine served as the senior correspondent of the PBS Nightly Business Report. During his tenure with the company, he was nominated for the Emmy Awards. He also interviewed essential people in the society, both in the business world and in politics. Jeff Yastine has reported about some of the significant events that have happened in the world. He is one of the journalists who saw the memorable handover of the Panama Canal to the government of Panama. Jeff Yastine has been reporting and writing articles related to finance for more than twenty years. His interaction with different worldwide people in business has made him have extensive knowledge about investment. He is also very knowledgeable about bonds and the stock market. Jeff Yastine is currently the Editorial Director at the Banyan Hill Publishing. His articles are sought after by many investors. They comprehensively cover stories about investment opportunities and risks that investors need to avoid. Most people have benefitted immensely through this articles. Jeff Yastine is now looking at how the tax reforms are going to affect the economy. The tax reform is expected to reduce the corporate tax by 21% and release the money that has been blocked overseas. Learn more:


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